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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is not necessarily a stranger to changing up her look, and changing it often. She’s gone from blonde, to black, to red, to ombre (as we mentioned here) and now back to blonde, and super short. 

Her platinum pixie cut with lengthy sweeping bangs is certainly a departure from her super long gradient locks she was rocking as of late. Her hubby, Pete Wentz tweeted earlier this week: “Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (@ashsimpsonwentz) new blonde haircut is cute.”  Cute, indeed!

We think the key to her fun, sassy and still young look is the color and the style. Keeping her bangs super long and side-swept give the cut a fun and fearless quality, while the golden blonde leaves her looking fresh and vibrant. 

Now, we’ve told you how we feel about Ashlee’s new coif. We think it’s super precious. What do you think about Ashlee’s hair? Would you chop off your locks and drastically change the color? Leave a comment and chime in! 
Keira Knightly debuted a chic new bob at the Paris Chanel show on Tuesday, stirring beauty editors into a frenzy. Personally, we LOVE it… it’s the perfect angle, length, and makes her color pop.

Love it? Hate it? Want it?

Here are a few tips to keep it looking as great as Keira’s:

-Blow dry in small pieces, layer by layer, and use the blow dryer at an angle from the root down.
-Use a flat iron to work out any kinks and seal shine
-For volume, set hair in large rollers and blast roots with heat
-To keep bob from looking too precious, twist ends with texturizing paste for a roughed up, sexy look.

ISAAC-MIZRAHI-SPRING-RTW-2011-BACKSTAGE-027_runway.jpgBackstage at Issac Mizrahi’s Spring/Summer 2011 show, the look was intentionally mussed, as if the girls had started out polished, then had slept in their hair and over-painted their lips.

MAKEUP: Using all Shiseido products, artist Dick Page first smoothed skin with foundation before powdering. Mizrahi wanted the girls to look “pure” and “blank”, aside from the sharp brows and attention grabbing lips. The rest of the face was kept bare, brows were filled in, and lashes were given a coat of black mascara. The focus was on bright, coral lips, applied with a brush and extended beyond the lip line.

HAIR: Eugene Souleiman for Wella gathered hair into a pony, flipped, and sprayed with hairspray for texture. He then backcombed the ends of the ponytail and pinned into place, for a mussed, slept-in appearance. Souleiman described the hair as “ladylike, but trashed and a bit quirky.”

NAILS: Mizrahi told the nail team he wanted “mannequin hands” like a “perfect Barbie” with polish that made the nails an extension of the skin. CND’s Wanda Ruiz coated nails with one coat of Desert Suede, a creamy nude, and followed with two coats of Super Matte Top Coat for a fleshy look.


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If there is a starlet that rocks the winged eyeliner look fabulously again and again and again…and again, it’s Lauren Conrad. It’s her signature, and she does it so well. If you’re anything like us, the winged eyeliner has been attempted several times with many, many failures. Most times, we end up looking like Amy Winehouse, minus the beehive and the pink satin ballet slippers. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

On several Fall Fashion Week runways, the winged eye was sported (at times completely out-of-this-world exaggerated, but winged, nonetheless). Plus, with the uber popularity of retro TV series Mad Men, this swooped eye look is everywhere. 

The key to achieving this mod, ladylike look is a good liquid liner (like Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen for $22), a steady hand, and keeping the rest of your eye makeup very light (or non-existent). 

For the rest, follow these quick (and we promise, easy) steps:

1. Apply your base/foundation/powder as usual.

2. Curl your lashes and apply mascara, focusing on your top lashes. 

3. Take your liquid liner and create pin-sized dots between your lashes on your lash line, and then connect them (this will help prevent the normal gap between your liner, and your eyelid that usually looks amateur.)

4. Steady your arm, and create a thin line with your liquid eyeliner at the base of your lashes (this should bring the line you already created between your lashes up onto your eyelid.)

5. On the outer half of your eyelid, create a slightly thicker line with your eyeliner, and in one swoop, slightly curve outward as soon as you get to the end of your eyelid. (Try to get it in one go, because once you start building it up, it’s hard to keep it clean.) 

6. Finish your face off with some slight bronzer or blush, and keep your lips neutral. 
top chignon 2.jpg
There is nothing new and innovative about chignons, but after a long summer of beachy waves, nothing is more refreshing then swept up locks to showcase your gorgeous face. Plus, with higher fall and winter necklines creeping out of our closets, a high, top bun is the perfect hairstyle to keep from looking overdone and busy. 

Perfect for day to night transitions, the office and for fast-approaching holiday parties, look to stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Bosworth, Minka Kelly and January Jones for chignon inspiration.

Top Chignon 1.jpg
Five steps for a sleek and elegant high-rise chignon:

1. Brush back your hair as high as your crown (ideally, your chignon will land directly opposite of your chin). 

2. Secure your pony loosely with a thing hair tie, and tease the base of the pony tail. 

3. Carefully wrap your hair from the base to the tip in a circular motion, securing with bobby pins. Find bobby pins that are the closest to your hair color for a more seamless look. 

4. You may have loose hairs and ends left over if you have layered hair, sweep them into place and secure with some more bobby pins.

5. Lightly spritz hairspray from your lower hairline at the base of your scalp to your bun, avoiding too much product up front to keep from looking too slicked back. 

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