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A woman should always have a good eye cream in her beauty arsenal. Recently I gave Kiss My Face Eye Witness Eye Repair Crème a test run and have continued to use it daily ever since. I like how it feels when I put it on and I like the effect it has even more. I swear my eyes seem brighter and the skin’s definitely more supple and soft. And one of the best parts of the Kiss My Face products are the natural ingredients. I’m a sucker for skin care that repairs without layering on more toxins.

You can buy Kiss My Face Eye Witness Eye Repair Crème for $19 at
With my delicate, sensitive, often dry, fair skin I can have a heck of a time finding the right moisturizer. Add to all that my skin’s reaction to sulfates and I swear I find myself spending more time reading labels then actually caring for my skin. In my quest I stumbled upon a great moisturizer from mark, their See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer.

They describe their formula as, “Mulberry, molassesand licorice combine for a unique brightening complex that, with the help of antioxident-rich lotus flowerworks to improve skin clarity.” In basic beauty speak this means it aims to revive skin and restore radiance with a brilliantly formulated mix of super fruits and super foods.  I don’t know about you, but one of the most depressing parts about winter for me is how dull and lifeless it can leave my skin, especially my face after braving the cold, brutal winds. And from my experience the past several months, I can say this moisturizer does all it sets out to do — My skin is soft, moisturized, and brighter, and as a bonus, I feel like my skin tone is more even! And, I have to give mark credit for their ingenious packaging. While it takes a little bit more effort to get the product going through the dispenser at first use, because of the kind of pump they use, your products will have a longer shelf life.

You can buy mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer for $10 at
After seeing how great Julianne Hough’s hair looked at the Golden Globes as a result of Unite Blonda Toning Shampoo and Conditioner I had to give them a shot myself. And I was not disappointed! After one use my hair color was less brassy and shinier — not to mention it felt incredibly soft and healthy. I was amazed at how beautifully bright my hair looked. Typical of shampoos and conditioners formulated for blondes these are violet tinted, though I didn’t notice any staining or marking on my skin after use, which is always good. The Unite Blonda Toning Shampoo and Conditioner should not replace your regular, daily products, but can be used once a week or bi-weekly to add depth and shine to your blonde hair.

You can buy Unite Blonda Toning Shampoo and Conditioner for $26 at
It may be the dead of winter, and my tan line may be practically nonexistent now, but I walk around feeling rosy and bright thanks to my Fresh Here Comes the Sun Face Palette. I’m a fair-skinned blonde and that can spell trouble when it comes to blushers and especially bronzers — one swipe of the wrong color (or product) and I don’t even come close to achieving a natural glow. This product has three great shades, left to right: resolute gold, here comes the sun, intense bronze. I like to use here comes the sun on the apples of my cheeks and then use a VERY LIGHT (I can’t stress that enough) dusting of resolute gold across my forehead, the bridge of my nose, and on top of here comes the sun on my cheeks. The dusting of resolute gold to the areas where the sun typically kisses our faces the most really helps to add dimension — achieving the desired end result of the most natural of glows!

You can get Fresh Here Comes the Sun Face Palette for $45 at
I rotate through shampoos and conditioners, because I swear after using them for any length of time they seem to stop working effectively. Then I discovered Pureology’s line of haircare products. First of all they’re all formulated to be extra gentle to colored hair, in fact they have what they call an anti-fade complex that promises to “help colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with every use.” And if that wasn’t enough for you, they are 100% vegan and contain absolutely no sulfates. I’ve been using this line for almost a year now and my friends will attest to the fact that my hair looks best after a shampoo and condition using Pureology products. 

Because my hair is baby fine, I use the Pure Volume (extra volume for fine hair) shampoo on my roots and the Hydrate Light (extra conditioning for light, fine hair) conditioner on the ends. Tip: most people don’t need to lather up their whole heads with shampoo, apply a dime-sized amount to just the roots and lather and rinse. As the shampoo rinses out it will clean the ends perfectly. Conditioner is the opposite, especially for those of us with thinner hair, apply it only to the ends and let it sit for a couple minutes before rinsing. 

You can buy Pureology at hair salons across the United States, check out for locations.

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