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There is little in this world that smells as good as a plate of just out of the oven cookies. But if you’re anything like me the smell of that plate doesn’t last long as you demolish the cookies one by one. That’s why I prefer to wear my cookie scents in the form of fragrance, they last so much longer — not to mention the lack of caloric intake. Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Body Collection smells just like the cookie it’s named for, with hints of almonds, vanilla and brown sugar. For the best fragrance experience start with the body wash in the shower and layer on one of the lotions immediately after bathing, seal the scent with Dry Oil Mist.

You can get all the products in the Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Body Collection at

I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer very early on in my eyebrow pruning years. Ever since then, I’ve known that they are simply the best. I don’t know that I can truly explain why, but I know they fit incredibly well in my hand, are made from the finest stainless steel, and the tips are perfectly created to grab every single stray hair. In general tweezers aren’t a tool you’ll find yourself replacing a lot, that is except for when Tweezerman announces another fun print like this new etched zebra print. 

You can buy Tweezerman Satin Etched Slant Tweezers for $25 at
I’ve spent a boatload of money on makeup brushes over the years. In general this is because they aren’t cheap and they don’t last forever! I’ve had brushes that cost more than some of my shoes and ones that cost me next to nothing. So, I was relieved when I discovered Sonia Kashuk brushes, they well made with quality materials and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Her latest line, the Kashuk Tools Brushes, are made of soft, premium hair for a flawless finish, and their handles have neat contours that make holding them really easy. This starter set comes with three brushes, a blusher, a small eye shadow brush and a large domed eye shadow brush and is a steal at $25.

Buy the Sonia Kashuk Kashuk Tools Limited Edition Starter Set for $24.99 at

The Goody Finish Gel Cushion Brush is part of the Goody Start. Style. Finish. line of hair brushes. And it’s probably my favorite of the entire collection. Its bristles are both ionic to help minimize frizz and made of tourmaline to prevent static, and it also has a great, comfy gel cushion handle that makes holding it so effortless. This is my favorite brush for after I’ve blown my hair dry and just curled the ends under, as it smooths my fly-aways and locks in the shine and style.

Get the Goody Finish Gel Cushion Brush for $6.99 at
My adoration for bakery-scented fragrances might have just met it’s match in the Bath and Body Works Sweet on Paris Fragrance Mist. They describe it as, “as enticing medley of juicy blackberry, lemon meringue and creamy vanilla, inspired by the sweet temptations of a Parisian patisserie,” I would describe it as yummy without the overindulgence. It is a light and sheer scent that has the hints of deliciousness without the overpowering weight of a true vanilla scent — Meaning the people around you won’t think you’ve been in the kitchen all day!

Buy Bath and Body Works Sweet on Paris Fragrance Mist for $14 at

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