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Dessert-Beauty-Products-Image.jpgWe’re trying not to eat very many sweets as of late … so, naturally, we took the sweet idea of dessert into our beauty routine! There are tons of beauty products out there that are inspired by cookies, cakes and everything deliciously sweet. Here are a few of our favorites.

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Honey Bath
The sweetest, most delectable bubble bath around? Definitely this tub, filled with a thick honey-like substance that fills your entire bath with sweet-scented bubbles in just a few cupfuls.
$40 at

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake 3-in-1
Body wash! Shampoo! Bubble bath! This bottle does it all. And, as an added bonus, there’s a recipe for vanilla cake written right on the front!
$16 at

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish
Sugary sweet goodness comes in the form of this body scrub, which turns skin into buttery softness immediately upon contact.
$65 at

Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies 14.5Oz. Filled Candle
If ever you needed a reminder of Grandma’s kitchen, this three-wick candle is most certainly it.
$19.50 at

Lush Gingerman Bath Bomb
As if this bath bomb didn’t smell decadent enough … it’s so adorable, we can barely stand to actually use it!
$6.95 at

As a business owner, wife and mother of young children, my life typically occurs on the run. Like many women, this means figuring out how to squeeze in moments for myself in between working and taking care of the kids, family and home. In order to help fight daily stresses and making sure that my needs aren’t forgotten along the way, I’ve become a multitasking master who takes care of myself on the go.

The key to taking care of yourself on the go is to be prepared. Here’s a peek inside my on-the-go arsenal:

I keep a healthy snack in my bag at all times so I’m not tempted by fast food or cupcakes when I’m hungry!
Whether I’m checking email, contacts, the weather,, the news, listening to music, playing Scrabble, or reading books, the iPad is my constant companion at home and on the go.
I am addicted to Vitamin Water Zero - it not only tastes good, but also contains vitamins to help skin, hair & nails, without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

logo_aveeno.jpgSun exposure, free-radicals, environmental toxins and a busy lifestyle can rob your skin of essential nourishment, resulting in noticeably stressed skin that looks dry, tired and blotchy. The AVEENO® SMART ESSENTIALSTM Collection, formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Southerwood, keeps environmental stress out and keeps essential nourishment and moisture in. The collection features a full regimen of daily skincare products that cleanse, nourish, protect and treat stressed skin, leaving it nourished and refreshed. For more information, visit

There are some brands, like Mario Badescu, that seem to make products we instantly love. Their Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater is one of those never-fail-us products that we can’t imagine starting the day without. 

The MB description mentions it can be used for just about anything:

“Simply formulated with fragrant Herbal Extracts and Rosewater for a pleasant, pick me up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. Spray your day and night creams for a boost of hydration or use it to set make-up or spray on dry hair throughout the day. Safe for all skin types. Gentle, non-irritating.”

We’ve always turned to rosewater-infused products for a soothing effect on our skin. They’re perfect for dry situations (especially when traveling on a plane, or in the colder months). But our absolute favorite use for this Facial Spray is as a finishing touch over a freshly made-up face. Thanks to that specific tip from a professional makeup artist, we never walk out of the house without it! 

It sets your makeup perfectly, helping it look fresh, non-powdery and youthfully dewy. It smells faintly of roses, which is nice, and the cool mist in the morning is a nice little pick-me-up! For just $7, it’s absolutely a must-have in your beauty product collection. $7,
Ever since we discovered the Jo Malone brand about five years back, it’s held the crown for our favorite line of fragrance. The reason for this firm stance when there are so many options out there? That’s easy. The Jo Malone brand is unique. There are few fragrances like the ones produced by the unabashedly English company. And perhaps what we love the most, is that they are total purists - they stick to what they know, and that, dear readers, is scent. Glorious, different scents that make you feel like you’re in on a wonderful secret shared by few. 

So it should come as no surprise that the release of their new collection - the Tea Fragrance Blends - thrills us to no end. There are five scents in total (we got to sample four), and we were very much surprised (though we’re not sure why) with the complex, yet delightful fragrances in each 1 fl. oz (30 mL), limited edition glass bottle. 

Here are our thoughts on each fragrance we tried:

Assam & Grapefruit Cologne - this one is by far our favorite scent. It’s crisp, fresh and fruity, with a slight underlying warmth and spice. It has just the right amount of citrus notes, but isn’t too bright that you smell like a cup of grapefruit juice. This could easily be our go-to, everyday cologne.

Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne - we thought we knew what this one was going to be like, but we were totally wrong in all the best ways. Honestly, we don’t really get the cucumber, but we don’t love this any less. Definitely more complex and heady than the Assam & Grapefruit, sweet, yet spicy with a hint of fruitiness. The kind of scent that you can’t help but keep sniffing because you are determined to figure out what it reminds you of. 

Fresh Mint Leaf Cologne - there is no mistaking that this is a mint-packed scent. It gets you right at the get go, and develops into an herbier note the more it settles in. It feels cool on the skin, awakens our senses, and makes us envision running through an English countryside in the middle of spring. It’s the perfect scent to spritz on after a cool shower, and feel…well, like “ahhhhhhhhhhh” (really, only a spa-like sound can fully describe this smell.) 

Sweet Milk Cologne - we were a little nervous to give this one a go, as it sounded like it could be sickeningly sweet, but it wasn’t (especially when you layer it with the Grapefruit cologne, to bring in some freshness.) The almond in this fragrance is very present which we grew to love the more we wore it. 

Sweet Lemon Cologne - we did not get to sample this scent, but Jo Malone says the following: “Mirroring the custom of adding a slice of freshly-cut lemon or a sprinkle of sugar to a cup of just-brewed tea, Sweet Lemon is given a fruity twist with pineapple, peach and fresh green cypress.” Sounds yum to us!

$55 for 1 fl. oz.,

We’ve been trying to test Fresh’s Sugar lip treatments for a while, but they were at such high demand in the beauty-testing world, that we were never able to receive samples. So, what did we do? We just went out, and bought the dang thing. It was well worth the $22.50 we shelled out for the Sugar Rosé shade

Before we start talking about the slick, smooth, perfect pouty pink, we want to talk about the construction of the case it comes in, because this, friends, is what makes this product stand out above other comparable lip goods. 

How many times have you stored a lip balm/gloss (whether cheapo or pricey) in your purse, only to reach in at some point and realize that the top had come off, and your precious, beloved product was smeared all over everything in your bag? This has happened one too many times for our liking - especially in our beloved designer handbag with the cream silk lining with a bright red lipstick (it was not pretty.) Well, Fresh’s lip treatments have a top that screws shut. You have to twist the top off to use it, and no matter how many times we tested rubbing it against something to see if it would unscrew, it stayed shut, just like it should. 

Now, on to the rest of Fresh’s Sugar Rosé’s winning qualities. One swipe, and our lips were super soft. Honestly, one swipe, though we prefered about 3 swipes on top and bottom to achieve the subtle shade of pink we were going for. It’s very sheer, so building color is easy without going overboard. The SPF 15 is wonderful for sunny days, and the lack of parabens, petroleum, sulfates other stuff we don’t want anywhere near our mouths, makes us feel comfortable about ingesting the product naturally. 

Though the smell threw us off (it’s almost a lemongrass scent…we were expecting something fruity), it didn’t bother us too much once we got used to it. It’s just glossy enough to put a pretty sheen on our lips, and overall, there really isn’t a single thing (besides the non-fruit scent) that we would change. We finally understand what all the noise was about. Even at $22.50, we’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

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