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It seems that the holiday season has gotten off to a fast start this year, so it’s time to add a little seasonal sparkle to your mani. The Jin Soon Holiday Toppings Nail Polishes ($48) three color collection encompasses all aspects of popular nail trends, including metallic coloring, glitter and texture. You could wear the polish solo or throw it over one of your favorite polishes for a modern dual look. Each color has individual attributes that separate them slightly from one another. Gala is a golden color composed of an array of finely milled rose gold particles, Fete is a pinkish purple color that consists of multidimensional specs of glitter that will catch the light from all different angles, and Soiree (my favorite) is made up of a geometric mix of randomly sized and spaced silver “diamonds” mixed in with darker onyx pieces. Whether you want to try a darker or brighter shade this holiday season, be sure to try out these amazing new polishes.

Every year around this time, my hands become super dry and chapped and no matter what I do to prevent or cure it nothing helps — until now. I recently was browsing around The Body Shop and I came across their Hemp Hand Protector ($10 on sale). This dermatologically tested lotion is formulated with Community Trade hemp seed oil to treat and prevent extremely dry skin, which is most of the time caused by cold weather. This lotion will not only soften your hands, but it will help protect against the toughest weather, even after washing!

Forget what you thought about perfumes that were confectionary based and be prepared for the sweetest scent treat on the block. Prada Candy Eau du Parfum mixes notes of Caramel, Musk, Vanilla, Benzoin to create a luscious, candy-like fragrance that isn’t sickeningly sweet and doesn’t smell like a bakery. The scent has a yummy allure to it, that stays on the adult side of perfume, rather than shifting into a teenagers’ vanilla bliss. It sold me at first whiff!

You can buy Prada Candy Eau du Parfum for $82-$110 at

I am a firm believer that America is always ten steps behind Europe when it comes to beauty and fashion— and this was, once again, proven when I came across the Escentric Molecules Body Wash ($45). The Brit cult beauty company, whose main creation was a perfume line that was unique to each wearer because the formula worked with their specific pheromones, has created three different body washes that work with or without the fragrances. They are designed to work better if you pair with a fragrance because it will enhance the scent and make it that much more unique, but without they are still refreshing, moisturizing, energizing, cleansing and fresh smelling. 

The three body washes each have their own unique twist: The Escentric 01 consists of a single scent ingredient and is formulated with ‘Iso E Super’, pink pepper, green lime and balsamic notes; the Escentric 02 uses a concentration of ambroxan combined with vetiver and muscone; the Escentric 03 is spicy but still fresh with warm balsamic undertones. 

Although the price is kind of steep, it is definitely worth trying at least once — everyone deserves to treat themselves!

I have always been a little wary of getting facials because I’m afraid of what it may do to my sensitive skin, but one day I faced my fear and treated myself to a spa day and my life hasn’t been the same since. I started getting regular facials and masks to help improve my dry skin and skin tone, but then my wallet started feeling the pain and I had to cut back. Determined to find at-home remedies that would give me at least a little satisfaction, I went through countless facial scrubs, pads and creams until I finally found the perfect solution.

The Freeman Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask first caught my eye with its bright bottle, seashell logo and the words “anti-stress.” But for $3.99, I thought there was no way it could be any good. The minute I put it on, however, I instantly felt refreshed. The cooling sensation made me feel relaxed and at ease. After I finished taking it off, my skin looked smoother and brighter. I also bought the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Mask to try later this week! 

If you are looking for an inexpensive mask to use in between trips to the spa, I would definitely recommend this brand, you can’t beat the results or price!

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