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Move over Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.

AU REVOIR!.jpgVotre Vu Au Revoir works to minimize the inflammation caused by pimples and other skin irritants while keeping the affected area clean and free of harmful bacteria. Salicylic acid is anti-inflammatory, disinfecting agent that works to restore the skin’s surface, normalizing the production of sebum and keeping breakouts at bay. Healing camphor provides unmatched properties to purify and disinfect the skin, while the anti-bacterial ingredients tighten pores, allowing your skin’s surface to take on a completely new appearance - uniform, clean and matte. Together, the ingredients combine to keep your skin flawless.

In the same vein as Badescu’s potion, the instructions say to dip a clean cotton swab straight down into the powdery base, being careful not to shake or mix the ingredients. Kind of like a cool, blemish fighting game of Operation!


Whether or not you’re into fake eyelashes (they can have their shortcomings) — these adorable Models Own False Fashion Lashes are a fun and very affordable way to fancy up your lashes. We’re loving the Black Bead and Silver Bead Lash. Just enough flair w/out being over-the-top, and at $8.50 a pair — well worth a try!


On a similar note, if you’re craving even more eyelash edge, check out these artful paper lashes we spotted on Style Bubble.

Illamasqua Illuminator is a mulitipurpose highlighter with intense color that highlights and enhances wherever it’s applied. You can use it on cheek bones or on any other part of your body where you want to draw attention.

article-1238047-07B14041000005DC-799_468x100.jpgThe range includes: Fondle- a hot pink with gold shimmer (similar to NARS Orgasm) Glimmer- a warm golden tan, Halcyon - an ivory pearl, Odyssey - a white pearl, and Poised - a cool candy pink.

We tried it in Odyssey, and it gave us a perfect pearl glow, almost as if we were glowing from within. It goes on wet but dries quickly, leaving a high-shine, reflective finish that lasts all night, and applies easily with fingers, brush, or sponge. (Be sure to blend quickly, as this does dry lightning fast!)

Verdict? We’re in love, and will be rushing to Sephora to try all the other shades!

$18, at Sephora.
Who knew that deodorant could be so fun? MBeze did.

MBeze is an organic cosmetics company with a line of fragrances and deodorants….including the super adorable Deodorettes. Deodorettes are mini sticks of deodorant in yummy scents, and boast a cuter, more cosmetic look than your typical deodorant stick so you can use them anywhere. They fit in any clutch, purse, bag…even your pocket!

The mini sweat-stoppers come in eight different scents, including:

Aim To Be Pleased: cherry blossom and added just a dash of sandalwood.
Koko Haze: coconut and toasted hazelnut, sweetened with a touch of mango tea and sweet orange.
Cruizee: cucumber, jasmine and mint tea.
Ife: strawberry with African musk and sandalwood.
Once Bitten: apple blossom, vanilla, and a twist of lime.
Sanura: sweet orange essential oil blended with Egyptian musk.
Twice Shy: scent of pink grapefruit is topped off with a touch of fresh raspberry.
Me: unscented.

Best of all, Deodorettes are made with natural and organic ingredients - no aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, or phthalates, which make them cruelty free and great for the environment. If used once per day, one Deodorette will last about 1 month.

Deodorant has never been so chic!  $10 each, at (for a limited time, get 25% OFF each Deodorette when you buy 2 or more + free shipping today)

ted gibson beautiful hold® hairspray creates beautiful, touchable, workable hair, and is suitable for all hair types. It delivers just the right amount of texture and hold, and is perfect for creating volume, taming flyaways, teasing, setting curls, boosting waves, or finishing an updo. It also has an AMAZING gardenia fragrance, which provides soothing aroma therapy benefits without being over powering. The fool-proof formula allows it to be layered depending on your hair style’s needs.

We can’t stop spraying it for the scent alone! Seriously, it’s THAT good.

$19.99/7 oz, $11/2 oz at Target.

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