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As the weather cools down, we find ourselves facing a dilemma: dry skin. For many of us, it is a never ending battle to keep our skin hydrated and nourished, especially in the Fall and Winter seasons. Finding an adequate moisturizer can be difficult, and unless you’ve already found your must-have product, it may seem like an overwhelming task to go out in search of relief— there are so many products to choose from! Thankfully, you are in the right place, read on for our list of body lotions and creams that are sure to give you the soft comfortable skin you desire.


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula.jpgNeutrogena Norwegian Formula Daily Therapeutic Lotion is fragrance free and gives skin therapeutic moisture that last all day. This moisture-rich formula helps turn even the driest, roughest skin into soft, smooth skin. We love it because it absorbs quickly and never feel greasy. $8.49,




L'OCCITANE Shea Butter.jpg


L’OCCITANE Shea Butter comes from 100% plant-based origin, and has developed an amazing following because it works! This deep moisturizer nourishes skin, helping to heal any dry patches on elbows, knees, hands or feet. It works great even if you have sensitive skin or eczema, and another added plus: you can use it as a conditioning treatment for your hair! from $8,





bliss body butter.jpgBliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter is one of our favorites! It is not only antioxidant-enriched, but this body butter lifts our mood with it’s citrus scent and is able to make us forget we ever had dehydrated skin. from $12,





bioelements vitalization.jpg


Bioelements Vitalization gives the skin on our body the same treatment we give to our faces with skin-loving nutrients and botanical oils. While wrapping skin in a natural, soothing fragrance, this thick moisturizing cream replenishes lost moisture and gives skin increased elasticity and suppleness. We love that it helps give our just-shaved legs a boost of moisture without irritation. $49.50,





fresh sugar body lotion.jpg


Fresh SugarBath Lemon Body Lotion is one our go-to body moisturizers because of it’s lightweight feel and oh-so-yummy scent. The real brown sugar contained in this lotion makes us feel like we’re really indulging in a sweet treat, but without the calories! $28,





natures gate lotion.jpg


Nature’s Gate Organics Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion is rich in nutrients of certified organic fruit extracts and botanicals, and offers a unique complex of essentials for a “well-balanced diet” for your skin. this ultra-hydrating also contains a complex of vitamins E, C and A, is non-greasy, quick absorbing and helps retain moisture throughout the day. $9.99




sephor body super body butter.jpg


Sephora BODY Super Supreme Body Butter will leave you feeling smooth all over. We love the luxurious feeling it gives us—- like we spent a fortune, but really didn’t! The scent is so light, it won’t interfere with any other scent you might want to wear for the day, and you just might find the man in your life using it on his dry skin when you’re not looking. from $15,


Misikko Styling Irons
Hot Tools Flat Irons

Great Prices for Professional Features

At Misikko we offer the latest and most popular tools with professional salon features. If you’re in search for a great travel flat iron, complete temperature control or ease of use, look no further. There’s the GHD flat iron, with universal voltage that adjusts all over the world - perfect hair is yours wherever you go. Or the less pricey Hot Tools flat iron, which offers a huge range of temperature settings and even the option to go cordless! Need something easy? Try a digital straightener, like the Magic Ionic flat iron, which couldn’t be easier to set or control.

Professional Flat Irons

Salon Achieved Hair

Tired of not getting the results you want? With a professional flat iron from Misikko, soft frizz free hair can be created at home in a matter of seconds. From the H2Pro flat iron to the HairArt flat iron, it’s never been easier to achieve the look of your dreams. Ceramic plates infused with ionic minerals like tourmaline and titanium mean even shinier, faster, healthier results - say good bye to damaged hair and hello to conditioned locks that last.

CHI Hair Straighteners

The Best Is Here To Stay

Not sure which flat iron is the best for you? We’ve put our best flat iron forward - a whole selection of them, actually, narrowed down by personal experience, customer testimonials and expert advice. From the classic CHI hair straightener to the ultra slim, versatile Babyliss flat iron to the steam-powered Maxiglide flat iron, you’ll be amazed at the results you get - the only hard part is picking the one you like best!

sephora metro chic.jpgSephora by O.P.I nail polishes have really been a hit with the beauty-loving set. From rich reds to soft pinks, creamy nudes to the darkest black, these formulations are smooth upon application and long-wearing.

On the fall runways the most buzzed-about color from this collection was Metro Chic. The smoky, greyish-purple really caught everyone’s attention and shot to the top of everyone’s must-have nail color list!

Believe it or not, this color sells out every time it becomes available on the Sephora website, and has become so popular, it’s being sold on eBay for beyond-crazy prices!

Our advice? Don’t buy it there just yet— Sephora knows about the popularity, and is quick to restock once it’s sold out. They’ll even send you an email if you can’t get it when you want it.

We love the versatility of Metro Chic because it is neutral enough to look great with bold color and bold enough to stand out against monochromatic looks. $9,

  terry_seymour_opt[1].jpgTerri Seymour looked so amazing at the 30th anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball a couple of weekends ago, we couldn’t help but be a little envious of her flawless-looking skin and luminous glow! We had to get the inside scoop for you on how to achieve this look:


Makeup artist Melissa Walsh used products by Hourglass Cosmetics to achieve Terri’s beautiful look:


hourglass veil fluid makeup.jpg



Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free SPF 15 gave Terri a flawless complexion while it also treated it with collagen-building ingredients to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. We love the pump-style tube that keeps our makeup fresh and free from bacteria. $60,





hourglass invisible powder.jpg


Veil Invisible Powder was used to set the foundation while adding a natural, bright glow. This sheer powder helps keep makeup looking amazing all day and is fabulous for any skintone- it has quickly become one of our favorite products! $32,






hourglass dusk color link.jpg




The Color Link Palette in Dusk was used to give Terri’s eyes an added a pop of dark shimmer (don’t they look amazing?). This palette features six eye colors and two blushes, making it a great tool that we love to use for creating a plethora of makeup looks. $75,

It’s not only the leaves that change with the season, beauty evolves into a deeper hued daily ritual with the addition of spicier scents, shades and angles. Soft, shiny hair is loosened and worn low with a bend, caressing cheeks and shoulders. Trends this year mimic those of the ’80s with a splash of ’40s femme. Beauty is sophisticated and luxurious. Some easy additions to pull off this year’s Fall-Winter transition include:

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

This decadent scent wafts with sex, smoke, spice and sweetness which are synonymous with the design of Tom Ford. My immediate reaction was to keep smelling my wrist after the initial spray. It’s one of those rare scents you occasionally encounter in passing and irresistibly are drawn to. The perfect fragrance to warm up the atmosphere during a chilly day or night.

Tarte Eye Couture Day-To-Night Eye Palette

Black as night shadow has been adorning the lids of celebrities and transforming their summer shades into a more mysterious vamp. Classic examples include Anne Hathaway and the ever so sunny Katherine Heigl. Their dramatic eyes are not as easy as just a brush of darkness. Quality of texture and pigment are key to achieving a smooth application of drama and the deep shades are never allowed to venture too far past the crease. This palette includes one of the best brushes I’ve seen in a ready made collection. This combo of smoky midnights and sheer cool pale shades are ideal for highlighting your more innocent side during the day and for releasing the vixen as evening falls!

Hot Tools Professional Spring 1 inch Curling Iron

2676-A8375.jpg Big beautiful curls are all the rage in this season’s sophisticated femme styles. Keep your roots with minimal volume while creating a cascading brushed curl around face and throughout hair’s length. Best way to achieve this kind of girly glam is to use a 1 inch curling iron around the sides and back of head twisting hair loosely around iron in both directions.

HairDo by Ken Paves

318839.jpg But what if you are still sporting last season’s bob? Have no worry, HairDo is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to add on hair. Yes, in one piece, and I cannot tell you how real it looks! Watch the video before you say nay, you will not believe the simplicity!

Biore Daily Recharging Enliven Eye Cooling Gel

200.JPG With chillier temperatures, we welcome dry heat into our homes which causes us to wake up puffy eyed and with dry skin and hair. A partial remedy for this beauty blunder is to invest in a humidifier or leave a pot of water near your heating device (do not leave it near electric heat). But it’s not a sure fix and we need an added boost to help. This gel works gently and effectively at combating the under eye bag, and it feels absolutely invigorating.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Crème Serum Overnight Repair Formula

103_large.jpgIf frizz and dryness are a part of your wardrobe this season, choose an overnight hair repair like John Frieda’s. Apply it to dry hair at night and wake up to smoother healthier hair in the morning. And don’t worry- it doesn’t leave residue on your pillowcase!

Sephora by OPI in Caffeine Fix

1111582_sw.jpg If you can grow your nails long and still function in your daily tasks, so be it, ladies. Long, rounded and violet is this season’s nail trend. A grape-inspired polish is definitely making a statement- so keep them shiny, on the deeper side and chip-free. My favorite long wearing shade is from Sephora by OPI. The rich coffee-inspired shade is perfectly plum.

Urban Decay Lipstick in Trainwreck and Sellout

P219002_hero.jpg Moist, matte shades are painting this season’s lips. The hottest shades include cranberry, fire- inspired and deep earth brown. Urban Decay lipsticks in Trainwreck and Sellout are a must-have for all intense purposes! Color lasts, stays creamy and within its defined lines.

Kerastase Specifique Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo Oily Roots-Sensitised Lengths

kerast.jpgHands down, the hottest new product. If you color or highlight your hair, you know you’re not supposed to wash it daily because the color fades and the ends get dry. If you skip a day, your roots become a greasy separating fortress of darkness that nobody, including yourself, wants to touch. I’ve tried it and this shampoo works at getting you that second day and imparts a superior shine with all of its specified balancing. (available 11/10)

Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Color by Nice & Easy

clairol10.png Perfect 10 delivers head turning hair color in a lustrous easy to use formula. In fact, your new rich wintry shade is achieved in as little as 10 minutes. A selection of 20 super shiny shades to choose from without the time and money spent at a salon. The applicator and “smart” color technology make it a foolproof way to achieve your new shade for the season.

No Frizz by Living Proof

LP_Group_Light.jpgIt seems enough of us have cried to the hair gods to eliminate our frizz and static! These godly beings or more suitably named scientists have created the most advanced product to control our strands in 30 years. Living Proof is a weightless, PolyfluoroEster material that creates a surface on hairs that eliminates water absorption, repels dirt and oil, creates a bright shine, eliminates any sort of frizz and smoothes out the rough edges that cause coarseness and electric snaps. It is beyond amazing!

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