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Q. Is there any way that someone could tell me the brand and name of the nail polish that Ginnifer Goodwin was wearing in the movie He’s Just Not That Into You. Thought you would be able to help us!!!

A. Makeup artist Tina Roesler Kerwin used Pasadena Purple from the toxin-free brand Nubar. A pretty polish that’s in hot demand since the movie came out!



Getting a manicure is great, but sometimes we need to save money, so we opt to do it at home. This is our quick and easy recipe for a DIY manicure.


cutex nail polish remover.jpg


Begin by removing any existing nail polish so your nails are clean and dry.Try Cutex Quick & Gentle Nail Polish Remover, $2.09,




sally hansen cuticle remover.jpg


Use a cuticle remover to help remove any dry cuticles and clean up the skin around the nail without having to cut anything. Try Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, $5.99,



nubar foundation.jpg


Apply a base coat (especially important if you’re going with a darker color. A base will protect your nails from stains). We like Nubar Foundation base coat ($6.99,, it really helps polish last.




zoya malia.jpgNow it’s time to apply your color. Apply a thin layer of nail polish over the base coat. Placing the brush about half-way down your nail, push downward (which fans the bristles out) until you almost touch your nail bed. Then reverse and sweep upward. Repeat on each nail. Our pick right now? Zoya Malia, a gorgeous violet cream, from the new Twist Collection, $6, 



After your first coat is nearly dry (this prevents bubbling), sweep the brush horizontally across the top of your nail to create an edge of polish and help prevent chipping, then proced to apply a second coat to the nails. 




After a few minutes, go over your hands with the polish remover soaked Q-tip ($4.99,, removing any excess smudges or paint from around your fingers.




seche vite fast dry top coat.jpg


Finally, apply a clear top coat over each nail to protect and seal the color. We love Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, $9.99,



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