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We’re perpetually on the hunt for the perfect highlighter and never seem to find it— this little highlighter is too glittery, this little highlighter is too greasy, and this little highlighter has us streaking all the way home. What’s a girl to do?

Enter Vapour Organic Beauty— their new Halo Body Spotlight imparts a luminous, lit-from-within glow that looks natural, and more importantly, doesn’t leave glitter bomb fallout on our cheeks. It’s the perfect shimmer to counteract dull, lifeless winter skin, and can be used on the face, shoulders, arms, décolletage.. the possibilities are endless.
Halo also delivers potent anti-oxidants into the skin to heal and protect it against environmental elements and pollutants.  It’s made with the anti-inflammatory Frankincense, moisturizing Lotus Flower and Tulsi, an ancient healing herb, and is 70% organic.

Added bonus? The packaging is so pretty: a steel blue-gray shimmer… and it smells awesome too! Sort of a light, fruity smell that makes us want to bite it…but we won’t. ;)

Halo comes in one universal shade, Moonlight, suitable for all ages and skin tones.


spring6pc.jpgEssie’s Spring 2010 color palette just infiltrated our dark and moody fall nail polish collection, and we’re loving it! It’s just what the doctor ordered to pick us up out of this dreary cold-weather funk.  We’re already imagining warm summer days and a closet full of chic spring ensembles. Their mix of pretty lilacs, flirty roses and muted corals, along with fun art movement inspired names like ‘Lilacism’ and ‘Neo Whimsical’ proves, once again, that Essie  knows their nail polish. 
At Victor de Souza’s F/W 2010 collection, the designer wanted an otherworldly beauty. Bring on the drama!

For the hair, lead stylist Danilo, worked with PHYTO products to create an “alien chic” silhouette. Hair was formed into a tight pony tail which was subsequently slicked back with PHYTO Professional Strong Sculpting Gel and wrapped into a chignon at the top of the head.  Small sections of hair were left out at the temples, and extensions wrapped within a hair net (in blond, brunette, and black shades depending on the model’s hair color) were fastened to the top of the head, covering the chignon, and loose side pieces were tucked back and underneath. To finish, Danilo used PHYTO Professional Workable Hold Hairspray.

For the face, Lena Koro for the NARS created a look inspired by a photograph of Audrey Hepburn, and was intended to emulate the feeling of her elegance and class, with an “alien twist.” The face was paled with NARS Snow loose powder and Sheer Matte Foundation in Siberia. Eyes were dramatically lined with jet liner (Black Moon eyeliner and Eyeliner Stylo in Black). Models also sported blackout contact lenses to completely cover the whites of eyes and add to the alien aesthetic. The look was finished by dabbing NARS gloss in XXX on lips.

Nails were done by CND (Creative Nail Design). Lead Stylist Christina Estabrooks shaped false nails into rounded points and adhered just below the first knuckle. They were coated with one of two polishes (Pink Lily and Copper Chrome), and finished off with French tips (Studio White) before being topped with Super Matte topcoat.

The final look:

While it isn’t exactly a wearable look, it was certainly one of the more exciting looks we’ve witnessed this season…. it was, as promised, completely out of this world!

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