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e6fcecd9caba86a1_odor-tags.jpgYou can iron your clothes, you can iron your hair (although we wouldn’t recommend it), and now— you can iron your deodorant. Wait, what?

Odor Tags, created by UK brand Odegon, are odor-absorbing, nanoporous fabric patches designed to trap body odor that can be either ironed or sewn onto clothing, as easy as an iron-on t-shirt transfer. Constructed of a controlled carbon material and military-grade fiber, the tags are odorless, nonallergenic, and free of chemicals.

569be919727ae7f5_Picture_4.pngOne small 7 by 4cm tag is powerful enough to capture odor and absorb wetness, and will last as long as your clothing does.

The concept itself is pretty neat….at least we won’t have to worry about forgetting to apply before running out of the house!

$18 for six,  $70 for 24 at

18f2163f796304e5_Untitled-1.jpgTaylor Swift opted for sleek tresses instead of her trademark waves, and kept the face light and neutral. The focus was on the eyes, with high drama lashes.

5e1f1d2d0f525374_Untitled-1.jpg Hayden Panetierre rocked a fresh face and apricot shadow (a HUGE trend for summer). In a shocking twist, she debuted a cropped, blonde pixie cut. A bit mature for the actress; maybe she’s trying to look more age-appropriate next to her much older boyfriend?
Carrie Underwood was our fave, with rosy makeup and a flirty pony, which complimented her killer pink gown!

When I saw Makeup Forever’s Aqua Cream long-lasting, waterproof eye cream, I just about died. It’s available for $22 at Sephora. And while that might seem pricey for just one product, it is so breathtakingly pretty. Plus, you know that it will last just about foreverstylebakerbeauty:images:makeupforever:aquacream.jpg.

And I know you’re thinking, Wow, that’s bright! But this color will complement any skin tone and make any shade of eye-color seem just a bit more vivid and intense. So get ready to pretty up your peepers, with just one swipe of this perfect summer-shade on your lids for a cute, refreshing look (but don’t go above the crease).

Aside from all of the high-drama looks at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (*ahem* Katy Perry’s Blue wig and neon nails?) we couldn’t stop staring at Jessica Biel’s glossy locks. We were thrilled to find out that one of our faves, Dove Hair Care, was responsible for the look.

Hairstylist Mark Townsend used Dove products to style Jessica’s gorgeous hair:


“For the MTV Movie Awards I wanted Jessica’s hair to be cool, modern, and beautiful, just like her. We were very inspired by Brigitte Bardot with her loose, full hair and sexy vibe so we added a spritz of Dove Heat Defense Therapy Mist to protect her hair from heat styling, then we used bit of Dove Body & Lift Volumizing Mousse to her damp hair. I absolutely love this mousse because it gives the hair body that I know will last all through the evening and I don’t have to worry about her hair falling flat before the awards show is over. I then blow dried her hair with a large round brush to give the hair some lift and movement, When all her hair was dry, I sprayed a good amount of Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray with Natural Movement all over to give the hair hold, but still allow movement without becoming too stiff or sticky.”

Mission accomplished! Biel’s hair has never looked better. We’ll definitely be scooping up these products to try it on ourselves!

Getting up in the morning is really hard for me; that’s why I always try to have great-smelling shower gels waiting for me. It’s like a little treat on top of my morning coffee. Scent can be so energizing that it really helps me to know that I have sniffy delightment waiting for me in the shower. And usually I go through phases and switch it up, but right now I keep reaching for
philosophy Field of Flowers™ Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath ($16 at It’s so interesting and pretty; floral, but not overpowering or overwhelming. It’s light, refreshing and uplifting, and absolutely transports me to a lush garden with brightly colored flowers in bloom. And while the scent doesn’t last post shower, the tranquil and serene feeling absolutely does!

stylebakerybeauty:images:philosophy:field of flowers.jpg

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