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Warm days are back, and so is the reemergence of bare skin and bikinis. Hiding fuzz under long sleeves and pants is no longer an option, so get your skin beach ready by choosing a method of hair removal that works for you…no matter your preference or price range!


Shaving is quick, inexpensive and pain-free. Start by softening hair in warm water and lathering on a moisturizing shave gel or cream (Bet bet is to shave in shower, near the end to allow time for the water and steam to open pores and soften hair completely). Use a sharp blade and avoid shaving the same area repeatedly to avoid irritation.

Exfoliate beforehand to loosen trapped hair and dead skin cells for the smoothest shave.

Try: EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream, $3.50.Available at, Target and Wal-Mart stores. It’s so moisturizing, it can be used wet or dry.


These methods are best for areas of the face like brows and upper lip. Both involve hair being pulled from the root, resulting in finer regrowth. Threading involves a long piece of thin cotton thread that is twisted and then repeatedly run along an area, pulling out a line of hairs at a time,for a more precise shape. Both are great alternatives for those who get irritations from waxing, but can be painful to some people.

Apply a numbing cream before hand to minimize pain.

Try: Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, $20; Threading at most local salons, call for details.


Depilatory creams melt hair with chemicals that break down proteins that make up hair. They’re just as simple as shaving, and just as effortless. The newer formulations are designed for use in the shower, which makes using them even easier. Apply the depilatory in a generous, smooth thick layer, without rubbing in. After the recommended time, remove and viola! After using a depilatory, apply sunscreen to areas that will be exposed to the sun.

Test the product on a patch of skin first to determine skin’s sensitivity. Chemical burns are not a good look!

Try: Nair ShowerPower Hair Remover, $7.50


Waxing is convenient to those who cant be bothered to shave every day, as the smoothing effects last up to 4 weeks. Although you can buy a DIY kit, leave major hair removal *ahem* bikini *ahem*) to the professionals.   Wax is spread over a patch of hair and covered with strips of cloth. Once the wax cools, the strip is quickly pulled away to remove the entire hair - root included.

Tip: Waxing does hurt a bit, but popping an ibuprofen about 45 minutes before helps dull pain and lessen swelling.

Try: At home- Bliss Poetic Waxing At Home Waxing Kit, $45 ; In salon- call your local salon/spa for details.
kim-kardashian-portrait.jpgKim Kardashian, known for looking breathtakingly glam at all times, has teamed up with Sony
Ericsson for a huge contest where the prize is a glam makeover with the starlet herself.

This is not the first time Kim has partnered with Ericcson to give fans an opportunity to glam it up. Last year Kardashian gave one lucky girl a makeover with her glam squad;  This time the makeover will be done by Kim herself.

To enter the contest, simple follow this link and leave a comment for Kim telling her why you think that you deserve to win. Kardashian will pick the best entry and the winner will be given a full makeover and the chance to attend an event Sony Ericsson is hosting for Kardashian in Hollywood.

Deadline for entries is June 15, you must be over 21, and winners will be announced shortly after the deadline.

Good luck. 
I have so many favorite looks that I want to try, and I’m beyond excited about all the fun, whimsical products and colors that I can experiment with right now—especially since it’s almost summer. But there are just those days when I’m in a rush (snooze is my friend) and I need that lip gloss that’s going to work with everything in my makeup bag (and that’s saying a lot). So I’ve noticed that I keep reaching for these two in particular: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Diamond in Celeste (a sheer light pink with a touch of shimmer), and Fusion Beauty LipFusion Color Shine in Sweet (also a sheer pink, but this is a bit more flat).

Now normally, I’m not a sheer-pink-lip kind of gal, but these colors are so pretty and literally work with everything in my bag. Though these are both plumping glosses, I don’t notice a difference in the volume of my lips. I just love both shades so much that I just pretend to.

I use the Celeste under other lipsticks and with other glosses or on its own, and the Lip Fusion looks so pretty with a bit of a darker eye, and is perfect for punching up any other color. are available at Sephora.

DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer is a moisturizing serum that instantly minimizes the look of pores while it exfoliates and hydrates to continually diminish the appearance of wrinkles. You’ll get immediate gratification and long-term results for younger, more flawless looking skin.

The serum contains a Vitamin Peptide Complex with VitaminB3/Niacinmide to exfoliate and improve overall skin smoothness. Amino Peptide Vitamin E hydrates skin, while Titanium Dioxide provides light-diffusion and a “filling-in” effect.

When tested our skin looked plumped, smooth, luminous, and years younger… instantly. We kept catching glances in the mirror and couldn’t figure out why we looked so good…and then remembered we’d applied the serum earlier in the day. The immediate effects are impressive, with or without the long term results.

Aside from its intended use, the serum is a dream as a foundation primer. Our makeup has never looked SO good.

The price tag is a bit hefty at $85 at, but for the results we’d gladly pay double to keep this in our lives. Don’t tell DDF.

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