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Got some last minute gifts to take care of? We love Sephora Favorites samplers. Our two picks in particular are the LashStash and Glitz & Glam. With New Year’s Eve less than two weeks away, we’re already planning our ultra-glam look. There is really no other day of the year where you can go all out with glitz (sparkle shoes, anyone?) than on the last day on the calendar. If you have a makeup addict on your list, check these out. $40 and under, both kits (as well as most of the others available) come with a little bit of everything. LashStash is equipped with 10 of Sephora’s top selling mascaras and a handy eyelash curler. Some of our personal favorites such as Benefit BadGal Lash (great for volume!) and Blinc Kiss Me (wonderful separation, and no smudging, we promise) are packaged up for sampling. 

To get (or give) a gorgeous glow, the Glitz & Glam kit comes with everything you could need to be photo and spotlight ready for the holidays, or the whole year (though these little jars won’t last that long.) Overall, both are great values, and any beauty junkie would squeal at the variety to play with. $39 (Glitz & Glam) and $40 (LashStash);

L'Occitane-Pure-Shea-Butter-Vineyard-Rose.jpgAt a holiday event back in October (we love celebrating the holidays months in advance, don’t you?), we were introduced to the fabulousness that is L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter. We’d heard of it before, we’d seen it in their stores, but we’d (gasp!) never given it a try. Believe us when we say we’d made a grave error in judgment by not jumping on the shea butter bandwagon a whole lot sooner!

Not only does Pure Shea Butter contain antioxidizing Vitamin E to nourish and moisturize the skin, but it’s formulated with more than 95 percent organic shea butter from Fair Trade women’s cooperatives in Burkina Faso, West Africa. There are three amazing scents that were just introduced for holiday:

Orange Honey (enriched with organic honey)
Apricot Flower (enriched with organic apricot oil)
Vineyard Rose (enriched with organic rosehip oil)

We’ve found that this product glides onto skin smoothly and easily, leaving behind no greasy residue or slick finish. We think it’s perfect for extra-dry areas like elbows and knees — in just days, the rough patches were gone and replaced with smooth, baby-soft skin. L’Occitane has done one better, though — and has created a list of the 50 Ways to Use Pure Shea Butter! From applying to scars to speed up healing time to boosting hair volume by applying to your roots, this guide is packed with intriguing ways to shea.

And the best part yet? Each Pure Shea Butter retails for only $15 at Talk about a true treat for the skin!

We love Burt’s Bees products. Natural beauty products that actually deliver, and at a low, drugstore price point? That’s what we like to see! So, much to our delight, Burt’s Bees recently released natural solid perfumes. [Insert a Yippee!! here]. If you’ve never used a solid perfume, let us educate you on a few points. If you have sensitive skin or sensitive senses, solid fragrances are great, because they are more subtle, and don’t have any alcohol in them like misting scents (which means they aren’t drying). They last longer, plus on cold winter mornings, you can warm the perfume between your finger tips before applying to your pulse points, reducing that little shiver we (and maybe you) get when spritzing our typical fragrance.

It comes in four varieties: Naturally Happy, Naturally Beautiful, Naturally Fresh and Naturally Sensual. Fresh is the…well, freshest and cleanest scent, Beautiful and Happy are sweeter, while Sensual is a little warmer. The product details says you can blend them to create your own scent, but we didn’t try that - not that we are opposed to it, though. So far, Naturally Happy and Fresh are our favorites, and we’re thrilled we can pack our silky, shea-butter infused solids for our holiday traveling without fearing spillage or shattered glass. $10,

MAC-Haute-&-Naughty-Lash.jpgTruth be told, we’re addicted to mascara. The longer it makes our lashes, the better. And if we’re wearing our glasses and our lashes are brushing up against them? We consider the mascara a complete success.

At the top of our list right now is most definitely M.A.C Haute & Naughty Lash. This mascara features a dual-wiper system that allows you to customize and build the coverage upon your lashes to your liking. (If you’re like us, you want to look like you’re wearing falsies.)

The packaging is truly intriguing. One wiper refines the application for a clean sweep across the lashes, while the other liberally packs the mascara onto lashes for unbelievably strong impact. The “wipers” are both contained within the top of the tube — the pink contains the smaller wand, while the purple holds the bigger.

We’ve actually found that applying two coats with the pink wand makes our lashes look unbelievable for every day. One coat with the purple wand adds full-on drama for night.

M.A.C Haute & Naughty Lash retails for $18 at
It’s that time of year again … when the holiday party invites stack up and you have to - literally - put your best face forward. If you’re feeling a bit iffy about your look this season, don’t worry - we’ve got some tried and true tips that will ensure you’ll be the life of any holiday party.


This is true regardless of whether you’ve got a fancy party to go to, really - but drinking lots of water will only help your skin. Facialists and aestheticians really do know what they’re talking about when they tell you to drink up - your skin will be fresh, rejuvenated and so healthy-looking. Not to mention it’s always good to have lots of water in your system before downing any alcoholic beverages. We recommend drinking at least 1.5 liters a day, if not 2 full liters.

Clarins-Beauty-Flash-Balm.jpgGET YOUR GLOW ON

You’re rushing out the door to a party and don’t really have time for a full face of makeup. Not a problem - just reach for a balm that, when applied to your cheeks and contours, gives you just the right amount of glow. We love Clarins Beauty Flash Balm ($45 at - a little bit really goes a long way to providing radiance and luminosity.

NARS-Single-Eyeshadow-Etrusque.jpgGO FOR THE GLITZ

The holidays are definitely the time for a little (or a lot!) of sparkle. Why not make your eyes stand out with a glittery eyeshadow? Our favorites are definitely by NARS, Stila and M.A.C (like NARS Single Eyeshadow in Etrusque, above — $23 at — they all have amazing colors in every hue imaginable.



When else can your nails be super blingy and yet no one will bat an eye … except to tell you how fabulous they look? The holidays are the perfect time to break out that sparkly polish you’ve been dying to wear but thought better of all year long. Try one with serious wow factor like butter LONDON Victoriana 3 Free Nail Lacquer ($14 at we guarantee people’s eyes won’t be looking anywhere else but at your hands.

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