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Laura-Mercier-Baked-Eye-Colour.jpgOnce in awhile, we want to try a product simply based on how cool it looks. (Well, maybe more than once in awhile.) But this definitely applies to Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour.

Seriously, can you believe how fantastic this eye makeup looks? Each eyeshadow in the collection is inspired by the precious jewels and raw silks that once traveled the Silk Road. Rich, shimmering violets, roses, turquoises and golds are vibrant and totally gorgeous.

And the good news? They work wet or dry! The formula is smudge resistant and lightweight, and smooths onto the lid easily and evenly. We love them dry as eyeshadow or wet as eyeliner, though applying wet as shadow makes them look much more dramatic.

Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour retails for $22 at
bbcurl_smh.jpgLots of people have lots of opinions when it comes to Bumble and Bumble (feel free to leave yours in the comments). Mine is that their Curl Conscious Defining Creme really works on my hair.

When I get out of the shower, I let my hair air dry for about twenty minutes until my hair isn’t soaking wet, but rather just damp. 

Did I mention my hair is really thick? Like really, really thick? 

Then I put about a quarter size dollop of this stuff throughout my hair, being particularly careful to not get too much on the roots and to get a ton of it on the ends. From that point on, I can either leave my hair down to dry and then just use a large 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron to curl the ends and a few sections on the sides, or twist it up into a bun, let dry and then take it down and use a little hairspray to lock the loose curls. The downside is both of those do’s really aren’t set enough to carry over for a second day.

Final verdict: still my go-to product for days that I’m running late or putting some body into my hair when I’m at the beach and my hair is getting wet several times a day. Recommend.
Fekkai-Silky-Straight-Ironless.jpgSilky, smooth, straight hair without a touch of frizz? It sounds impossible, we know. But if you introduce the amazingness that is Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Shampoo and Conditioner into your hair regimen, we guarantee you’ll see the light.

Fekkai’s Anti-Frizz Straightening Complex works to smooth each and every strand and, as obvious from the name, eliminate frizz. We’ve tested this shampoo and conditioner in every conceivable weather pattern—hot and humid, cold and rainy, hot and rainy, cold and humid (need we go on?)—and we’re here to tell you it’s impossible to make your hair frizzy with these products by your side!

Not to mention we absolutely love the scent. It’s fresh, clean and sophisticated, but doesn’t follow us around all day with a cloying feeling. The shampoo and conditioner themselves are light and airy as well, so they don’t weigh hair down even though they’re keeping frizz at bay.

At the end of the day, we couldn’t be happier to have this duo in our life. Why have a frizzy mop if you don’t have to?

Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $24 each at
High-Tech-Beauty-Products-Image.jpgWhen we really want to try something different in the beauty realm, we go for a high-tech beauty product. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have an on/off switch or make vibrating noises (as you’ll see with one of the products below)—but it does mean they are technologically advanced from the typical lipglosses and eye creams we come across. Check out a few of our favorite high-tech beauty products below.

Completely Bare Completely Smooth For Body
We shave, wax, do laser hair removal, the works. But sometimes, we just want the darn hair to SLOW DOWN as it grows! That’s where this miracle-working moisturizer comes in. Smooth it on the area you want to inhibit, and within just a few weeks you’ll notice the hair growing back slower and lighter. Pretty amazing, right?
$42 at

Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System with Anti-Aging Sea Serum
Yes, this product has one of the longest names ever. But do we care? Nope—because it makes our eyes look 10 years younger. Seriously. Simply smooth a bit of the serum onto the head, press the power button and let the vibrations work their magic on your under-eye area (and your lips, too!). Satisfaction, guaranteed.
$185 at

Dior Diorshow 360 Mascara
We know what you’re going to say. The vibrating mascara has been out for years now—what makes this one different? Well, for starters, we absolutely love the curvy brush. It really grips each and every lash, from the big ones down to the babies at the inner corners. Within one coat, voila! Lush, long, curly lashes that look like falsies.
$36 at
reesewitherspoon1_smh.jpgMaybe she wanted to juxtapose the heavy eye makeup she wears in the movie. Maybe she likes to travel light. Or maybe she’s just a very busy mom and new bride. For whatever reason, Reese Witherspoon chose to wear the exact same makeup palette to the red carpet premieres of Water For Elephants in London, Barcelona and Los Angeles.

What’s really kind of interesting to me is that what Reese was wearing seemed to have zero impact on her makeup choices. A stunning off-the-shoulder dress in a deep blue might have looked great with a smoky eye. A black satin gown could have been a nice time to rock a nude lip and a white dress with black lace overlay is screaming for a red lip stain.

Instead, she wears a hint of blue shadow (to bring out her gorgeous eyes no doubt), rosy blush (for that perfect America’s sweetheart look) and a semi-sheer pink lip gloss.

Don’t get us wrong, Reese looks amazing which is why we’re leaning towards ‘trend’ and not ‘rut’ on this one. She’s obviously established a signature look that she knows works for her. 

And while it seems like she’d want to step it up for red carpets… isn’t an event where you know you’re going to have your photo taken a hundred times when you’d want to play it safe and wear something that you know works on you? 

This is when it makes sense to use the free makeup services offered at department stores. Go to a brand you’ve used before and that is in your price range and tell them very simply that you want an everyday look that is neutral but personalized to your coloring.

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