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Goody-Ouchless-Hair-Elastics.jpgEvery gal needs a good ponytail holder. And one of our favorite brands around? Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics.

The Ouchless line keeps your hair from falling out and works to hold your hair tightly without hurting your crown. Even if you pull your hair back into a super tight bun or ponytail, you’ll be amazed at how pain-free the style is!

They even look chic slung around your wrist, so layer ‘em up and head on out into the heat!

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics retail for $2.99 at
trumpspa_smh.jpgI recently stayed at the Trump Soho in New York and while I can only say amazing things about the room (the luxe fabrics, the high-end remote system, the amazing views), the same cannot be said for the free Trump Spa bath products. The hair conditioner smelled like lice treatment (note: don’t stay in hostels in Switzerland unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences) and the lotion smells medicinal. I’ll definitely stay at the hotel again, but I’ll pack products to use.
Laura-Mercier-Foundation-Primer-Hydrating.jpgWhile we sometimes eschew a face primer because we’re busy, in a hurry, in a rush, et cetera … once in awhile, we decide it’s important to take the time to treat our skin right. And when those days come along, we reach for Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Hydrating.

This primer not only makes our makeup look flawless, it makes our skin look flawless, too. This light, creamy gel acts as an invisible barrier between skin and makeup and is perfect to apply before moisturizer or foundation. The moisture-rich vitamin formula is created specifically for dehydrated skin, which—with the crazy-hot temperatures outside and the crazy-cool air conditioned temperatures inside—is happening to more and more of us this summer!

And we have a bit of a confession to make. Sometimes, we actually skip moisturizer when we use this primer! It’s THAT hydrating!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Hydrating retails for $30 at
Kerastase-Masquintense.jpgGreat hair? It can most certainly be yours with the tips below. We promise, everyone’s got a hair model in them somewhere—and these tips will help you to let yours out!

Use a deep conditioning mask.
Treat dry, stressed-out, unmanageable strands with a deep conditioner. Use it once a week—left on for anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on the mask and its instructions, it will seriously make hair shine. Try Kerastase Masquintense For Thick Hair ($60 at, which drenches your hair in softness and shine.

Let hair air dry before blowdrying.
Want to cut down on your drying time and actually make hair look better at the same time? Let it air dry first! Give it anywhere from 20-40 minutes after showering so you’re not drying super-soaked strands—and it will actually make your tresses look so shiny you’ll be amazed.

Use a dry shampoo in between washes.
First of all, stop washing your hair every day! Some of the natural oils in your hair actually make it look prettier and shinier! But on those days when you feel like you should wash but just can’t make yourself do it, try a dry shampoo. A little shaken onto the roots and combed through your strands will let you prolong your next washing by at least a day or two.
bryce_emma_smh.jpgTwo redheads with two sets of green eyes. Two pale pink dresses and two sets of drop earrings. Who’s makeup do you like best? We think they both look gorgeous.

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