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Confession time: I used to shampoo my hair daily. The world of dry shampoos seemed a lovely fairy tale that made for a great story, but would do nothing for my very real greasy hair dilemmas. Naturally I sought to prove everyone praising dry shampoos wrong and began testing out as many dry shampoos as I could get my hands on. Some did nothing, some left my hair greasier than it started, and others left a powdery mess. But then it happened. I was proven wrong. Without further ado, I present you with the two dry shampoos that work so well I’ve been able to cut my hair washing in half. 

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk: A friend from Switzerland originally introduced me to this French beauty brand. As a dancer and international traveler, she swears by the brand as the most effective in cutting down oil, giving her hair a fresh look despite dancing for hours and the minimal white residue quickly disappears after you comb the product through the hair. I’ve become addicted. 

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray: Advertised as a “brilliant alternative to dry shampoo”, the first thing I fell in love with about this product was the smell. The amazing, luxe fragrance that I’d like turned into a perfume, body lotion, and a candle (please Oribe!) is only one part of the overall ‘brilliant’ experience. The spray left no residue in my hair, left it with more volume as promised, and quickly absorbed any excess oil. This product has become a guilty pleasure that I’ll use in my hair whether its dirty or clean.      

Photo from Etsy
For many of us our eyes feel some of the most brutal effects of allergy season. But there are ways to manage the symptoms and emerge even more bright-eyed than ever before. 

If your eyes are often watery, itchy and/or red during this time of year, you might want to consider using eye drops. Talk with your doctor about what your best options are. I use an over the counter formula that helps get the gunky feeling out and takes the stinging (as well as the red lines) away. 

After using medicines aimed at lessening my symptoms, I turn to cosmetics to keep me looking the part. Every morning and every night I apply an eye cream (here’s a review of my favorite: Kiss My Face Eye Witness Eye Repair Creme) to my under-eye area. Using only a small amount I dab the cream on under my eyes and then rub it — using the lightest of pressures — in a circular motion in to my skin. 

Because of my eyes heightened sensitivities during spring, I try to limit the amount of eye makeup I apply. I also make sure to remove all my makeup at the end of the day to ensure no irritants are left to agitate my eyes while I sleep. Take the Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips is my favorite eye-specific makeup remover, as it clears away the makeup but doesn’t take any natural moisture with it. I often follow up with a cleansing facial towelette like Say Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Wipes, just to make sure my skin is completely clean before bed. 

I also make sure my brushes are clean and free of particles or dust that might irritate my eyes. Sephora makes a great brush cleansing spray, Daily Brush Cleaner, that cleans makeup brushes nicely and doesn’t require rinsing. 
The braid is back and better than ever. From milkmaids to fishtails, Kim Kardashian and Emmy Rossum prove your hair can be a little bit messy and still look perfectly polished.  

Buttoned up in a red, lace, knee length dress, Kim Kardashian managed to make a hairstyle named after a maid look elegant at the launch of her fourth fragrance Glam. While milkmaid braids are more popular at outdoor music festivals than beauty launches, Kim’s tailored outfit and polished makeup keep Kim the playful braid professional.     

Emmy Rossum out-laced Kim with her white ruffled collar at the Saving Tails Fundraiser for animals. The messy fishtail braid keeps her prim and proper outfit from feeling too stuffy. With her fresh, red lip and button up shirt, Emmy’s braid manages to tow the fine line between a cool, messy braid and a sloppy braid.       
Elle magazine’s 4th annual Women in Music Awards party celebrated a few of the hardest working women in the music industry. Rita Ora and Kelly Rowland are definitely two singers who seem to be popping up everywhere lately, not that we are complaining about that at all — especially since these ladies brought their boldest and brightest nail game to spice things up at the Elle event. 

Rita Ora’s fiery red lip may be where your eyes are immediately drawn, but her sky blue nails add a very necessary bit of fun to her otherwise serious Saint Laurent ensemble. For a similar sky blue shade, try China Glaze in Sky High Top for $7. 

Kelly Rowland’s nails were clearly her best accessory, and she made sure to look adorable while flaunting them on the red (well, purple) carpet. For a similar coral color, try CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant polish in Coral Silk for $4.     

Lauren Conrad’s pink hair might have been more accidental than intentional, but the result still poured more fuel a trend that’s been burning hot for several years now. While Lauren’s locks were the result of an Indian tradition involving throwing powdered, colored dyes on each other (part of the festival of color known as Holi), there are other, easier — though arguably not as much fun or spiritual — ways to get colorful chunks of hair.

One option is to try out hair chalk like Free People Ombre Hair Chalk ($14 at Each metal tin comes with five different shades of colors (choose from blue, black, pink, green and yellow) that apply easily to your hair for a fun effect. With hair chalk you decide how dark you want the color to be, and whether you want to just color the ends or the entire strand.

Or another, commitment-free way is to pick up colored extensions, like the Pop by HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips. They come in 6 fun colors, Amethyst, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple and Red and are only $10 each at Fasten them in hair when you want them and leave them home when you don’t!

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