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Summertime is one of the hardest times of the year for both our skin and our hair with all of the sun exposure and swimming. Whether you’re suffering from razor bumps or chlorine-damaged hair, here’s how to correct some of the season’s biggest emergencies with a few great products.

Bumps Be Gone

This has always been one of my biggest pet peeves. I am one of those women who absolutely hates any hair except for what’s on my head so I shave every part of my body. Razor bumps are the worst, and you can get them in a lot of places, not just your bikini area. To me, I feel vulnerable enough in a swimsuit so I don’t need the added stress of bumps to make it even more difficult. The solution: GiGi No Bump Roll On. Use this treatment after shaving or getting waxed to soothe any irritation as well as prevent any ingrown hairs from forming.

Chlorine and Sun Damaged Hair

Growing up with a stepmother who was a hairstylist made me extra hair conscious and during the summertime it always got worse. I love nothing more than laying out by a pool and going swimming, but I also love dying my hair and sometimes the disaster that is born when these two things come together makes the dip seem not worth it. Thanks to ColorMark Touchback Plus Shampoo and Condition this is no longer a problem. These two products use all-natural ingredients (green tea leaf, lemon peel extracts and chamomile flowers) to restore your color that can become dull and faded after a day in the sun. Also an added plus, it gives an extra amount of shine to help correct the dryness from the chlorine.

Melting Makeup Prevention

The heat not only makes your body hot, sweaty and sticky, but it also does terrible things for your makeup. I had this problem during the Fourth of July holiday when every party was outside. I wanted to do my makeup, but I knew the minute I walked out the door it would be dripping down my face. In makeup school, you are taught to use powder, but in the heat that can just become cakey and look even worse. One of my favorite makeup companies came up with a genius idea: the Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray. Similar to hydrating sprays, this product has a cooling effect when applied so that your face stays refreshed and your makeup stays in place. Also, it will work on every product you apply to your face, eye shadow, mascara, bronzer, etc.


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here, and there are plenty of steals to choose from. Some of this year’s best deals are in the beauty department, including some amazing brush sets. Since good makeup brushes are expensive, this is a great time to snatch some up. Here’s a roundup of the different brush sets available in this year’s sale.

Smashbox Cosmetics Line and Define Five Piece Brush Set ($39)
This great set includes a Tapered Shadow Brush, Crease Brush, Shadow Liner Brush, Angled Precision Liner Brush and Cream Shadow Brush.

Nordstrom Python Canister Brush Set ($28.90)
Packed with a Powder Brush, Spoolie Brush, All Over Eye Brush, Angled Crease/Blend Brush, Angled Brow/Liner Brush, Lip Brush and Eyeliner Brush, my fave part of this set is the python-printed canister they come in.

Laura Mercier Touch Up Brush Set ($65)
Packaged in a versatile pouch this set includes a Travel Cheek Color Brush, Travel Pony Tail Brush, Travel Smudge Brush and Travel Flat Eye-Liner Brush.

MAC Illustrated Brush Kits ($49.50)
MAC features two brush kits in this year’s sale, one is the All Over Brush Kit and the other is the Face Brush Kit — both come in sleek and stylish brush roll. While the Face Brush Kit packs concealer, blush and foundation brushes, the All Over Brush Kit has eye and face brushes galore!

Lancôme Le Curler and Mini Brush Set ($75)
The piece de resistance to this 7-item set is the fuschia Le Curler eyelash curler — the 6 mini brushes are certainly worth scooping up as well.

Bobbi Brown Telluride Glow Mini Brush Set ($65)
Perfect for stowing in your suitcase, this kit includes an Eyesweep Brush, Face Blender Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush.

Now that you’re officially primed for the sale, get ready to check out your local Nordstrom store (or shop online) on July 19 — Nordstrom Rewards members get early access on July 10.


If you’re anything like me, it takes about three cups of coffee before anyone can even approach me in the morning. Despite the amount of sleep I actually get, I look so tired and unfortunately, as much as we love the summertime, with the heat and the late nights we tend to look even more tired during this season. So, I have decided to give my fellow women a few items that can help turn you from tired to fresh by simply adding them to your morning routine. I have three go-to products that I personally can’t live without.

The Face Wash
I have tried a few different products in this category and none have really been able to keep my skin clear and wake me up the way this one does. Clean and Clear Morning Burst has energizing beads that will instantly make you feel refreshed and awake. The facial cleanser also helps prevent shine throughout the day so if you suffer from oily skin like I do it’s an even better choice. The wash comes in a few different colors and scents, but my favorite is the one that features lemongrass, for some reason that particular smell leaves you feeling truly fresh and relaxed. 

The Moisturizer 
Having the right lotion is an essential part of your day because this one product has the ability to give you glowing or cracked skin. My favorite daytime moisturizer is Shiseido Brightening Protective Cream. Not only does it include SPF 15, but it is formulated with vitamin C, which will help brighten skin and revitalize your face and also helps protect your face from air pollution and dryness.

The Eyeliner
Makeup is a necessity if you are trying to make yourself appear more refreshed, but it is even more important to make sure you are using the proper product in order to achieve the desired results. Using any old black eyeliner on the mornings you are looking especially tired is a risky move because that has the ability to make your eyes darker and more sunken in. The Almay Wake Up Eyeliner and Highlighter is the perfect item to achieve the look you need. The dual sided pencil allows you to define your eyes while the illuminating side can help illuminate your irises. On top of the shimmery color giving you a bit of refreshing, the highlighter delivers a cooling sensation during application to perk up your pupils, tricking people into thinking you got a full eight hours!

Adding these three things into your morning routine will, without a doubt, make you seem more refreshed and awake.


A rapidly growing trend we’ve seen has been the bright lip, whether it’s red, coral, or even purple. More and more celebrities and everyday women have been embracing the bright colors of this season. Now this is something not everyone will be comfortable with, but there are different varieties of this look that women can tweak to make it work for them. And I’ve personally tried all three so I know they work!

The Red Lip
The first and most obvious choice is a red lip, this is definitely the most daring and the biggest statement. The best thing about the red lip is it can be paired with pretty much any look, whether it’s more of an edgy style like we’ve seen Miley Cyrus do or wanting to stay more classic like Rita Ora (above) this can be transformed into anything. This makeup look is one of my favorites with a ripped pair of jeans and a simple white tee. When doing this, be sure to keep the rest of your makeup simple, with minimal eye makeup because the red lip should be the thing that draws all the attention. My recommendation for this lip is the MAC Viva La Glam color.

The Pink Lip
If you think red is way too much of a statement for you, then try a pink or fuchsia lip and top it off with a clear lip gloss. This look will give you the funky edge you want without being over-the-top. Also, this lip color is perfect for every woman who loves bright neons and it works for both days and nights. My preference for this lip is to wear it only at night, but paired with the right outfit you can definitely rock it in daylight. Similar to the red lip, having this bright color reduces the need for a lot of eye makeup so try to use a mineral nude shadow, a medium brown for the crease and a deep brown for the corners. For this color, MAC Impassioned lipstick is a great option.

Bright Lip Balm
For those of you who are a little reluctant to trying something as bold as a red or pink lip, there is a more subtle option for you to ease into these other colors or for your daytime look. Using a moisture stick or lip balm in a brighter color will give the same effect without being over the top. The best thing for me about this option is that it allows you to do a more smoky eye, that will allow it to work for a nighttime look as well. Recommendation for this is the Clinique Chubby Stick, it comes it a great red and pink color that will give you a less drastic bright lip. 

Finally, the warm weather has arrived and everyone is ready to hit the beach with a cold drink. Whether your plan is an exotic escape or to simply lay in your backyard soaking in the sun, the summer is great, but unfortunately the heat also can bring on major problems with your makeup. The humidity alone can turn the perfectly even foundation you just applied into flakes that seem to fall off the minute you walk out of your door. Despite the fact you put on the perfect amount, the cake look that is now all over your face gives off the impression that you have no idea how to apply makeup properly. Not only is foundation a major problem, but eye makeup can be a nightmare. Wearing the wrong mascara to a friend’s pool or the beach can immediately give you raccoon eyes after emerging from a quick dip. 

Now, my motto in the summer is to always keep makeup simple, being too done up during this season just doesn’t seem practical and, honestly, it can make you seem kind of foolish. Luckily, the wonderful professionals understand this concept and have made some amazing products to help spare you from runny mascara and caked up faces.


First things first, your lips. A lot of women have a problem with dry or chapped lips, so naturally when the heat gets involved this problem can become even larger. It is important to make sure your summertime lip balm has SPF in it, this will allow your lips to stay hydrated while protecting them from the sun. The Naked Green Tea Lip Balm with 15 SPF is one of my favorites, it keeps lips smooth and tastes/smells great! 


On to the face! Now the best thing to do to avoid your skin turning to cake is to use a tinted sunscreen foundation. My go-to is the Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20. This is the best way to avoid embarrassing makeup malfunctions while protecting your skin from sun damage and it comes in a variety of shades. 


Next up is the eyes! Waterproof mascara is important to have not only for pool parties or for sweating on hot summer days, but for weddings, anniversaries, or any event you think you will be crying at. My favorite one is Cargo Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara. I have used it at dance recitals, on hot days and at weddings and, trust me, it does an amazing jobs at stopping the streaks!


Finally, and probably the most important to me, is oil blotters! I have a pretty oily complexion, which I’ve always heard is great because it helps prevent wrinkles and keeps your skin looking younger, but for now, it’s terrible because having a shiny look is never a desirable thing and when the heat comes rolling in it become even harder to control. Luckily for me and women who share my problem, these thin sheets usually come in a pack that can fit in your purse, and they instantly save the day when your T-zone is a little out of control. The Neutrogena Deep Clean Long Last Shine Control Blotting Sheets are my favorite and they really do seem to get all the oil from deep within your pores.

These simple things are great ways to ensure your skin and face stay healthy and refreshed all summer long.

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