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The time has come to free your legs from the shackles of tights and pants and debut them in your favorite skirt, shorts, or dress. But before that happens, there is that small matter of your body not having seen the light of day for months upon months at this point. You won’t need to hesitate very long on whether the world is ready for you to show a little skin once you spend about a week or two of regular application of one of these 10 sunless tanners. Working on the top layer of your epidermis by converting dead skin cells into a darker skin tone with DHA (a colorless sugar), sunless tanner is the safest way to get your glow going this summer.  

Q. I need help finding the right pretty, pale, pink blush. I am pretty fair skinned, and love a light pink cheek, but the problem is they all have too much shimmer for me. I wear Bare Minerals, with clear radiance mixed in, so that already has a little shimmer to it , and shimmery blushes are just too much on top of that, and I don’t want to look like a disco ball. Can you reccommend any light pink blushes that don’t have a lot of shimmer to them?

Winter Skin

Winter Skin

Fragrance usually takes a spicier note when the weather cools down. Surprisingly, we have seen a sweeter side this year and my pick for all around sugary and slightly spicy is Hard Candy’s Fragrance.

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