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I recently got rid of my longer nails and was so excited to be able to keeping up with all of the new nail trends, however I was quickly reminded of the fact that I am terrible at doing my own nails! So I was back at the salon getting regular manicures in fun colors, but I was a little disappointed because one of the trends I was dying to try out was the texturized nails. For as long as I can remember, women have been obsessed with matte nail polishes and making sure there were no bumps on their nails after drying, but that has recently all changed. A bunch of different designers in the nail world have decided to create 3-D nail polishes that can leave the nail feeling and looking like sand paper or adding things like jewels or glitter. 

When I decided to try this at home on myself, let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. But then I discovered the Essie Nail Stickers ($10.25) and couldn’t have been any more excited. They are UV-cured so they won’t chip away easily and you can throw a top coat over them to make sure they have that extra bit of shine. Also, they are extremely easy to use. You simply peel, stick and file to shape it to your nail and to get rid of the excess sticker on the edges. My favorite thing about these is that the annoying nail polish, which always seems impossible to get rid of, around your nail is gone! Never fight with nail polish again while doing an at-home manicure!

Following Heidi Klum on Instagram can certainly get you an eyeful somedays, but I enjoy the sneak peek behind the scenes of her glamorous-looking life. Like for example she doesn’t seem to get a manicure done every day as one might expect, instead she *GASP* does her own nails … using *GASP* nail stickers. Having used them before I know firsthand that they are a little tricky to apply, but they are so much fun ON your nails that it’s definitely worth it. Apparently Heidi gets hers from a secret source because I have yet to find those exact nail stickers available anywhere. What do you think of Heidi’s funky manicures? Did she nail the look or miss the mark?

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Every girl loves a good manicure and if you have the time and a few extra dollars to spend on a spa treatment, it’s even better. But if we are being honest, a lot of us skip that mani every few weeks whether it’s because we’re too busy, a little tight on cash, or just lazy we tend to find ourselves painting our nails by ourselves before a night out. Although this is a great idea one thing tends to be forgotten with an at-home mani: our cuticles. Whether you bite, pull or even rip them, it is no secret that our cuticles very easily become raw, dry and pretty painful. So I discovered three products you could choose from to add to your at-home manicure kit to tend to those diminishing cuticles. 

1) SpaRitual-Cuti-Treat Cuticle Gel - This nourishing treatment helps cracked weak nails group by repairing damaged and dry cuticles at the root. The gel is made of hydrolyzed wheat protein that conditions, green tea and ginkgo biloba that hydrates the skin as well as stimulated circulation, and the final ingredient is pineapple, which softens overgrown cuticles and seals in natural antioxidants.

2) Julep Nail 911 Repair System - This kits comes with two separate products, one to help your damaged nails and the other to help those dry cuticles. The nail therapy is packed with vitamins B, C, and E in order to replenish the damage and the cuticle serum consists of peptides that enhances the natural growth process, green tea leaf extracts that condition, and sugar cane enzymes to dissolve dry and dull surface cells. 

3) Perfect Formula Strong Nail System contains both keratin (yes the same thing that works magic on our hair) and jojoba oil to help condition the cuticles and help maintain the moisture balance in the nail. This combination of ingredients in both products help promote strength and flexibility to the cuticle and nail to result in stronger and longer nails. 

I like many others have been obsessed with the matte nail look. It is classic, never goes out of style, and it looks good in almost any color you choose, but on the flip side it can get a little boring. In the past year we have been exposed to all sorts of nail kits that give us velvet, glitter and beaded nails, and we soon realized the matte nail is on its way out. 

A kit seems so simple and easy to use, and they are. There are multiple steps involved in order to get your desired look, and let’s be honest, not everyone can do all the steps correctly to get what they want. Luckily for us, the nail industry has done it again and invited a new trend, texturized nails. True to their name, these simple one-step polishes will give the illusion of the added beads and glitter without all the added fuss. For me, no one does nail polishes better than OPI and with the textured Bond Girls Liquid Sand Polish Collection, you’ll get the glam, bad-girl flare like the Bond girls they’re named after.

You can get each individual polish for $9 or the mini nail set for $12.95 at
Long gone are the days of boring flat nail polish colors! Manicures have taken a turn to the creative and I am digging it. When I saw Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set I knew I had stumbled upon something fun and unique that would rock the nail world. Each base color coat is packed with ingredients that cause it to absorb UV rays so that they glow at night … yes that’s right, these babies GLOW! The consensus seems to be that without the UV top coat (what makes them glow) this manicure set delivers a beautiful high-shine glossy finish in bright and fun shades — the UV coat takes away some of the luster of the polish, but the effect is pretty cool if you’re the clubbing type!

You can buy Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set for $25 at

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