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Summer can be taxing on your hair, your makeup and your smell … all the sweat and grime can strip away any fragrance you put on and leave you smelling less than fresh. That’s where Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil comes in — they’ve blended pure essential oils with hydrating sweet almond oil for a fragrant oil that’s practically guaranteed to last. I adore the various scents it comes in, Coconut Vanilla is my current signature fave. And like all fragrance oils it applies super easily and isn’t ever overpowering but instead absorbs nicely into your skin leaving a nice fragrant trail. And almost 12 hours after applying I can still smell its trace on my skin … even in the middle of summer!

You can buy Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oils for $25 at
avon-mega-effects-mascara.jpgBefore I could even get my hands on Avon’s new Mega Effects Mascara, Selena Gomez had already hit the red carpet wearing it for the Young Hollywood wards earlier this month. Now that I’ve had some time to test drive the Avon Mega Effects Mascara for myself, I can see why Selena’s lashes looked so lush that night. The wand is an innovative beauty breakthrough — it has a flexible, bendable, multi-position handle that allows you to apply the mascara to just the spots you want.

When I first pulled the wand out of its “house” I was worried about clumps. But I can truthfully say the formula is beautifully glossy and gives just the right volume to my limp lashes without clumping. The little bristles are arranged on the wand in such a way that you can get every lash, every angle, perfectly coated. Best of all it removes pretty easily with my regular makeup remover but stays on during the day with no problem. If you prefer a more natural looking, barely there lash this might not be the mascara for you, but for a full on dramatic, look-at-me kind of lash, this is your best pick.

You can buy Avon Mega Effects Mascara for $10 at

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Finding the best eye makeup remover formula can be a tricky task — I’ve had some that were too greasy, some that caused stinging and some that gave me reactions around my eyes. Pixi Waterproof Makeup Remover is one of the best I’ve tried in a long time. It removes my mascara with just a couple swipes and doesn’t cause any sort of reaction. In fact the other day I got some in my eye by accident and nothing happened at all. I also like that it doesn’t leave any residue behind so my eyes feel clean and refreshed instantly.

You can buy Pixi Waterproof Makeup Remover for $14 at your local Target stores and online at
I saw a recent photo of myself (where admittedly the lighting was horrible) and I was not happy with the non-bright-white state of my teeth. I don’t drink a lot of red wine, and coffee is my only real tooth-staining vice, but I still felt like my teeth could be so much whiter. So I hopped to my local Target and was happy to find Crest 3D Whitestrips Shimmer White. Applied daily it promises a much whiter smile in 12 days (you also could double up daily and accomplish this in six days). After just the first application ,I could tell my teeth where already whiter. And after six days of one application daily I was happy with the results of my whitening (and now I have six strips left over for when I feel like they could use a freshening up). Crest’s Whitestrips have come a long way from when I first used them many years ago — they stuck perfectly to my teeth and the chemical didn’t seep everywhere and ruin my taste buds. I also, happily, didn’t notice as much tooth sensitivity as I had before. All in all, it was the best $35 I had spent in a while!

You can get Crest 3D Whitestrips Shimmer White for $35 exclusively at Target stores and
02M.jpgThe unique formula in Inglot’s O2M Breathable Nail Enamel allows oxygen and water to pass through the enamel of the nail to the nails’ surface, and the expansion of 16 additional colors in the line brings innovative science and style together. The formula is not only healthy for nails, but it took the world by storm this year when a Muslim authority approved the formula as safe for use adhering to prayer statutes since the nail polish allowed cleansing water to pass to the nail surface, unlike other nail enamels.  

The O2M nail enamels began flying off the shelf, and Inglot has responded with providing us 16 gorgeous new colors. Inglot O2M enamels not only increase the flow of oxygen to the nails, but they are also free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, and camphor. Check out my favorite colors from the newly launched collection for summer are 684, a coral red, and 687, a light turquoise shade on or in select Inglot boutique locations.  

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