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One of the first things women notice about their skin, especially in the morning, is the unevenness and dark spots that appear especially on the face. There is nothing more annoying than trying to do your makeup and not being able to blend correctly because some areas are darker than others. Luckily, I found the most amazing at-home skin peel!

The Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Face Peel ($82) consist of pre-soaked towelettes that are made up of high concentrates of alpha beta acids mixed with anti-aging boosters. The peel is strong, but also eliminates risk of irritation that comes with other face peels. A bonus of this particular peel is it’s formulated specifically to help stubborn skin conditions that haven’t reacted to other peels. On top of treating breakouts, it reduces pores and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously getting rid of dark spots and uneven skin tones. Although this peel is a little pricey it is definitely worth the money. 

I have never been a huge fan of facials because honestly I’ve always been afraid I’d end up looking like Samantha did in that episode of Sex and the City, but I have always been a fan of at-home masks and exfoliation. Dead skin cells can make your whole face look dull and worn out and between the summer sun and late nights, that is the last thing any woman wants. Fear no more, I have found an amazing at-home mask that will easily erase all those cells and leave your face as smooth as a baby’s. The Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Mask features glycolic acid, lactic acid, and citrus acid and it works for all skin types. This peel mask is designed to renew skin, reduce those fine lines and wrinkles, while drastically improving your skin tone. Not to mention the firming aspect. The combination of fruit acid and papain enzyme provide a gentle but effective exfoliating peel, which leaves the skin glowing. Although the price may seem to be a little high, take my word for it you will not regret trying this mask!


No one likes to be pale during any season let alone the summertime when everyone seems to be a perfect bronze color, but I am always so nervous when using a “a tan in a can” because, from experience, you either come out striped or orange — neither of which are attractive. Fortunately, I discovered Bliss- A Tan for All Seasons ($36), a colorless self tanner. Yeah, you read that correctly: this bronzing spray has no color, which means no streaks, no orange tone to your skin, and most importantly, no orange stained hands! On top of the color being a negative with typical self-tanners, the smell is usually unbearable, but Bliss took care of that too. The product has a citrus smell that is just light enough that will make your skin feel awake and refreshed. Also, the antioxidant formula helps product your skin from environmental damages, like pollution and dirt. Most importantly, your tan comes on gradually. Unlike other self-tanners that give you color right away, this one will bring it on gradually so it appears more natural.

Late nights are a given in any season, but during the summertime it becomes even harder to get to bed at a decent hour, even when we have to get up in the morning to go to work. But don’t you worry ladies! I have found two amazing eye creams, that may be a little pricey but are well worth every penny because they will leave you feeling wide awake, younger and refreshed while brightening up your eyes and face.

Cane + Austin

The Corrective Treatment Eye Cream comes in a 15 mL bottle, which may not seem like a lot but all you need each morning is a dime sized drop so it should last you a little while. Not only does this cream help prevent and reverse signs of aging, but it does amazing things for fatigue. It will restructure your fine lines and wrinkles to look less intense and defined, it will decrease the puffiness from the lack of sleep, and most importantly get rid of the dreaded undereye darkness. Personally, I have extremely dark undereyes so when I don’t get enough sleep, it becomes an even bigger issue, but thankfully since starting to use this I have seen a significant reduction in the purple color under my eyes.


The Instant Radiance Eye Cream does more than wonders for the undereye, it also works for the lid as well! Because, let’s be honest, you can get dark circles on top of your eye just as easily as under it, so having a cream that attacks both areas is ideal. The clinically proven formula can reduce dark circles by 30% within the first 15 minutes of application and if you make this part of your daily routine, can ultimately reduce them by 48%. Aside from attacking the darkness, it will also work to smooth your skin giving it a more youthful look, so this is a great cream for older women to use to fight the signs of aging. 

Two years ago, my summers changed for good after I got diagnosed with skin cancer and, honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to what my doctors told me to do, which I know was not the smartest thing. Then this year, I had another scare so I immediately decided to smarten up, because as much as I love a good tan, I love my health more. So I started doing research and found the best products that can help protect me from the most harmful UV rays, and surprisingly, not all of them come with high SPFs.

I have always been a fan of their products so I wasn’t surprised when I used one of their sunscreens and loved it. The Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen (SPF 30) has broad spectrum SPF and is designed to do exactly as the name entails protect you from the sun while moisturizing and hydrating your skin. The cream’s advanced formula contains nourishing active natural oats that help keep the skin looking fresh.

Hawaiian Tropic
This may be one of the most popular brands of sunscreens so it was one of the first companies I looked into, and even my doctor agreed with this choice. The Sheer Touch (SPF 50) lotion contains exotic botanicals that will soothe your skin while simultaneously protecting it. To top it off, this lotion is extremely water resistant so you won’t have to reapply as frequently. 

This company has come to the rescue with not only one product, but two. First up is the Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion (SPF 50+). Most of the time you need to have a sunscreen for your face and one for your body, but this lotion covers both areas. The nourishing formula with broad spectrum protection helps defend against the sun’s most harmful rays that cause sunburn, premature aging and cell damage. Also, it doesn’t leave behind a filmy residue and stays invisible on skin even after numerous applications. Secondly, is the Sun Protection Lip Treatment (SPF 36). The hydrating lip balm defends against both UVA and UVB rays while making sure your lips stay moisturized. 

To top off all of the amazing qualities about these products, the Skin Cancer Foundation has backed all of these companies for making effective UV sunscreen products.

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