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I saw a recent photo of myself (where admittedly the lighting was horrible) and I was not happy with the non-bright-white state of my teeth. I don’t drink a lot of red wine, and coffee is my only real tooth-staining vice, but I still felt like my teeth could be so much whiter. So I hopped to my local Target and was happy to find Crest 3D Whitestrips Shimmer White. Applied daily it promises a much whiter smile in 12 days (you also could double up daily and accomplish this in six days). After just the first application ,I could tell my teeth where already whiter. And after six days of one application daily I was happy with the results of my whitening (and now I have six strips left over for when I feel like they could use a freshening up). Crest’s Whitestrips have come a long way from when I first used them many years ago — they stuck perfectly to my teeth and the chemical didn’t seep everywhere and ruin my taste buds. I also, happily, didn’t notice as much tooth sensitivity as I had before. All in all, it was the best $35 I had spent in a while!

You can get Crest 3D Whitestrips Shimmer White for $35 exclusively at Target stores and

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here, and there are plenty of steals to choose from. Some of this year’s best deals are in the beauty department, including some amazing brush sets. Since good makeup brushes are expensive, this is a great time to snatch some up. Here’s a roundup of the different brush sets available in this year’s sale.

Smashbox Cosmetics Line and Define Five Piece Brush Set ($39)
This great set includes a Tapered Shadow Brush, Crease Brush, Shadow Liner Brush, Angled Precision Liner Brush and Cream Shadow Brush.

Nordstrom Python Canister Brush Set ($28.90)
Packed with a Powder Brush, Spoolie Brush, All Over Eye Brush, Angled Crease/Blend Brush, Angled Brow/Liner Brush, Lip Brush and Eyeliner Brush, my fave part of this set is the python-printed canister they come in.

Laura Mercier Touch Up Brush Set ($65)
Packaged in a versatile pouch this set includes a Travel Cheek Color Brush, Travel Pony Tail Brush, Travel Smudge Brush and Travel Flat Eye-Liner Brush.

MAC Illustrated Brush Kits ($49.50)
MAC features two brush kits in this year’s sale, one is the All Over Brush Kit and the other is the Face Brush Kit — both come in sleek and stylish brush roll. While the Face Brush Kit packs concealer, blush and foundation brushes, the All Over Brush Kit has eye and face brushes galore!

Lancôme Le Curler and Mini Brush Set ($75)
The piece de resistance to this 7-item set is the fuschia Le Curler eyelash curler — the 6 mini brushes are certainly worth scooping up as well.

Bobbi Brown Telluride Glow Mini Brush Set ($65)
Perfect for stowing in your suitcase, this kit includes an Eyesweep Brush, Face Blender Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush.

Now that you’re officially primed for the sale, get ready to check out your local Nordstrom store (or shop online) on July 19 — Nordstrom Rewards members get early access on July 10.


There’s nothing like swimsuit season to draw your attention to your below-the-waist grooming situation. For those of us who may have let things slide a little during the winter, there’s no avoiding a little feminine landscaping come summer. Whether you prefer the neat-but-natural or barely-there look is a personal preference, as is your method of grooming, but there’s a hardly a woman out there that doesn’t need a little bikini maintenance this time of year.

Enter your new best friend: the Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle® razor. This genius wet/dry razor is the perfect answer for all of your grooming needs. One side features a traditional shower razor with 4 ultra-thin blades that’s perfect for legs, underarms and bikini area. The other side features a waterproof 1-inch trimmer for neatening up your bikini area. Select from four different comb positions to achieve your desired look and length. Like I said, genius!

So whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or just looking for a little between waxing maintenance, this two-in-one razor has you covered (or should we say, uncovered).

Schick Logo.jpgSchick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle® enables women to shave, trim and transform themselves with a simple flip of the handle. Achieve a shave so smooth you can skip a day or two with this must-have accessory that gives women the confidence and energy to feel free in their skin.

I am a tad bit obsessed with technology, and also with nail polishes. And I spend a lot of time trying to find that “perfect” color, but I never thought technology would solve my problem, that is until China Glaze introduced an amazing new tool into the iOS App Store. Their newly released “China Glaze” app has a feature called Match a Colour that fires up your camera, you then take a pic of a shade you’re coveting, and it will analyze the color and texture to match you to any of their 300+ shades. One click of the camera and you can find the shade closest to your hot, new handbag or fave, statement pumps — my inner geek girl just nailed a perfect 10!

The app is totally free and available for download in the App Store.
I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer very early on in my eyebrow pruning years. Ever since then, I’ve known that they are simply the best. I don’t know that I can truly explain why, but I know they fit incredibly well in my hand, are made from the finest stainless steel, and the tips are perfectly created to grab every single stray hair. In general tweezers aren’t a tool you’ll find yourself replacing a lot, that is except for when Tweezerman announces another fun print like this new etched zebra print. 

You can buy Tweezerman Satin Etched Slant Tweezers for $25 at

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